Percaya atau tidak wanita cantik ini berusia 62 tahun

on 22 Ogos 2013

Meet Liu Xiaoqing (εˆ˜ζ™“εΊ†), who turns 62 years old on October 30 this year.
She was one of the leading actresses in China in the 1980s, and later ventured into business.
Liu was born in the Fuling District in Chongqing, China.
In her early years, she worked as a farm labourer, then as a propagandaist for the People's Liberation Army and later as a stage actress for the Chengdu Military Drama Group.
She acted in many mainland Chinese films before she turned 30, and this earned her numerous awards in Chinese film festivals, and even a Best Actress award.
In the 1990s, Liu left the entertainment industry to focus on her business, however she returned to acting in the mid 2000s.
She was also recently named the second most beautiful woman in the world over 40 by a Japanese TV show.
Liu was also named as one of Forbes 50 richest Chinese businesspeople in 1999.
In 2002 she was arrested for tax evasion in connection with her company, Beijing Xiaoqing Culture and Arts Company Ltd and was fined 7.1 million yuan (SGD 1,420,000) and imprisoned for a year.
A few years ago, she married for the fourth time, this time to an overseas Chinese businessman only known as William.
There are rumours that Liu had undergone plastic surgery, after she made a comment in an interview that the advancement in science is making it possible to get the appearance that she desires.
In 2009, Liu had also played a 19-year-old girl in Xu Beihong, a biopic about the late Chinese artist of the same name.
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