Blogger gemuk ini dapat boyfriend handsome,tak jealous ke?

on 03 Julai 2013

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Gloria Shuri Nava is a YouTube vlogger who has been overweight her whole life, but insults against her piled up when she introduced her boyfriend, who is considered handsome by conventional standards.

According to an article in Indoboom, the 25-year-old half-Mexican and half-Filipino YouTube personality and part-time actress has become an inspiration for Indonesian netizens, giving them hope that true love might actually exist.

On her blog, she details out the relationship she has with her 22-year-old boyfriend, Ali, and all the rude comments she has received from netizens after putting up a 'My Boyfriend Does My Makeup Tag' video.

She wrote on her tumblr account: "Because I am fat, I am not allowed to have an attractive boyfriend.

"I was sooo excited to see that our My Boyfriend Does My Makeup Tag video has 260,000 views!!! 

"Then I read the comments. People think I’m so mean to him, that he’s not really my boyfriend, and that he’s just using me for a green card.

"Just because I’m not what you would call NORMAL, doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to find love, or be with someone who is attractive.

"I would never lie about someone being my boyfriend to make myself feel better."

Nava has also said that his support has encouraged her to lose 40 more pounds and to feel more confident in her skin.

Ali and Nava have been in a long-distance relationship since 2009 after meeting online. The couple will finally be living in the same area when Ali moves to California this summer. 

Photos: Youtube screengrabs, Indoboom
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