China Top HOT Model - Li Meng Tian

on 21 Jun 2013

Origin: Shiyan, China
Born: 4 June, 1992
Height: 172cm
Weight: 52kg
Measurements: 35E-25-36
Blood Type: B
Occupation: model.

About: Li Mengtian 黎梦恬 or better known as Shan Shan 闪闪 Maity is a Super F-Cup new model from Shiyan, a medium sized city in Hubei Province. With the face of an innocent child, Shan Shan Maity received much popularity from her busty chest after debuting sexily for Sina's new online game, Shen Xian Dao "神仙道". Shan Shan is now studying theater in drama and taking up modeling at the same time in Beijing
Ranking: 5

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