Gempar..wanita ini buka seluarnya kemudian pukul pegawai traffik polis

on 19 September 2012

Kenapa wanita ini melakukan perbuatan begini...
sila tekan spoiler dibawah untuk mengetahui kisahnya...


Fierce woman who took off her pants to whip a police officer sentenced to 8 months
This old lady is surnamed Chu, is 55-years-old this year, and is from Langxi County of Anhui province. According to the old lady, both of her parents passed away when she was small, was raised by her paternal grandmother, later married, and gave birth to a son and daughter, but because she didn’t want to spend her entire life in her hometown farming, over 10 years ago she came to Nanjing to make a living.

Illiterate an without any skills, it was impossible to find a job, so she survived by picking up garbage and panhandling around the train station. Later, she met a 70-year-old elderly Nanjing man, and the two of them rented a place to live together. Seeing that she had nothing to do, the old man bought her an electric tricycle, and she began operating as an illegal pedicab near the train station, each day able to earn a little money.

On 2010 August 3rd, around 12 noon, she was carrying three people heading towards Zhongyang North Road. When she reached the red traffic light at the Zhongyang North Road overpass and seeing that there weren’t many cars, she tried running the red light, and unexpectedly hit a man. “He wanted compensation, I would only agree to paying him 2 RMB, so he called the police.” Very quickly, traffic police and security rushed to the scene, instructing them to return with them to the police station for mediation, but she was afraid her vehicle would be impounded and in her anxiety took off her denim jeans and began whipping the traffic officer with them. Suddenly, when the pant leg hit the back of the traffic officer’s head, he passed out. Later diagnosis said that the traffic officer had a superficial injury to his head and a concussion.

“At the time, I was naked from the waist down, and a lot of people were looking on. The cop was a guy, and didn’t dare face me. I used this kind of method to threaten the traffic officer, so he wouldn’t be able to do his job.” Only after her arrest did she know she had gotten herself in serious trouble. But during questioning she refused to give her details, even lying to police: “My family is all dead, all we have is a son and he is an idiot!” Only after the police investigated and discovered her real situation did she say that her lies were because she was afraid of her behavior embarrassing her family.

When the police found the old lady’s “husband”, he said, “She’s a stubborn person, rather surly, and quite fierce! Over the years, she’s rarely returned home.”


After the trial, this reporter was able to exchange a few words with the old lady in the detention room. When her behavior that day was brought up, she suddenly burst into tears, repeatedly saying that she was very sorry to that traffic officer. “I didn’t mean to knock him out, hitting him was just to get him to leave, I didn’t think he would pass out, I’m sorry!” the old lady said while wiping her tears. She added that she has already realized her mistake, and after getting out will no longer wantonly hit people.

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