Inilah Foto Seksi Artis Wu Xiaomin di Ekspos Oleh Suaminya Sendiri

on 01 Mac 2012

Actress Wu Xiaomin (吴晓敏) lolls around on a bed in high-heeled red shoes, a loose T-shirt and even exposes her panties in one shot.
 And the man responsible for these come-to-bed photos is said to be her singer husband Pu Shu (朴树), according to some reports.
 The sexy shots have caused a storm of conjecture in the Chinese blogosphere.

"Without doubt, only her husband can snap pictures like this," said one individual who posted a set of four pictures on his microblog, citing the angles, posture and bedroom scene.
 Another netizen, claiming to be a professional photographer, said the jpgs were not those of a professional.
 The only point of conjecture left for such netizens is: Why did Pu Shu upload these photos?
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