Inilah gambar pelajar sebuah sekolah di China yang berpose seksi

on 17 November 2011

Recently, in certain internet communities of Changchun city, the sexy high school school uniform photos of a group of handsome and beautiful people have attracted netizens’ attention and heated discussion.

This reporter has discovered that in these photos, the photographed are wearing various high school uniforms of Changchun city, posed in various sexy positions, and even some of the photographed are exposed. Some netizens cannot accept wearing school uniforms and taking these kind of large-scale sexy photos, and made sharp criticisms. However, there are also some netizens who believe these kind of photos are very fresh, not only demonstrating the personalities of the youth, but also showing the creative spirit of the young people. In comparison to those rigid studio portraits, these kinds of photographs are what represent the vitality of the youth.

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josrevalution berkata...

sume gambar xhidup!..delet je lah entry ni.huhu..

Khamis, November 17, 2011

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