Pembantu rumah bergambar seksi atas katil majikannya dan posting dalam Facebooknya

on 17 Jun 2012

sumber :

A STOMPer was shocked to find a photo on her Filipino maid's Facebook page, showing her posing sexily on her bed. The STOMPer believes the maid had brought someone else into the house to take the photo.

Said the STOMPer:

"After reading a recent post of an Indonesian maid putting urine and placing blood-soaked napkins on her employer's food, I decided to check my maid's Facebook account out of curiosity.

"And there I found this picture of her posing obscenely on top of our bed in the master bedroom.

"What bothers me is that this shot was taken by another person, and that she must have let strangers into our house while we were at work.

"I also have a kid in her care and it's unnerving to know these things are happening in my own house.

"She is a transfer maid which I got only two months ago to care for my daughter.

"Employers beware. She might be transferred to you next.

"Be vigilant about these things.

"I already sent her back to the agency."

Earlier this year, there was another incident in which a maid posed in her employer's clothes and posted the sexy photos online.
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