Kurang ajar....Orang tua didera dipusat penjagaan oleh staffnya

on 23 Jun 2012

sumber : stomp.com.sg

Video footage of an old woman being abused by the staff of Nightingale Nursing Home at Braddell Road has shocked Singaporeans and prompted questions about why the employees involved are still working there.

A hidden video camera by the bedside of the elderly woman, also believed to be a stroke patient, recorded shocking footage of the nursing home staff members abusing her.

But what is more shocking is that two months after the incident, two of the three staff members involved are still working at the home.

News reports say that one of them quit for reasons unrelated to the abuse case.

A spokesperson for the home said that the three staff members, who are foreigners, had been disciplined.

No explanation was offered on why the remaining two staff members have not had their employment terminated.

Since April 12, the home has been suspended from admitting new patients by the Ministry of Health (MOH).

In the spycam video that was sent to the ministry, the elderly woman is seen sitting naked in a room with the fans turned on while a staff member ignores her cries.

Later, two staff members hoist her up and throw her on the bed.

When the woman cries out, another staff member slaps her on the mouth.

After this video came to light, the elderly woman was removed from the home by her family.

STOMPer oldboy is utterly disappointed by the lack of action taken against the staff members:

"Nursing homes are entrusted with the care of old people who are weak and helpless.

"To treat a patient in this degrading, abusive manner is a complete betrayal of that trust.

"How could they be let off by simply getting 'disciplined'?

"And worst of all, how could they be allowed to carry on working with such solid evidence of their inability to care for these elderly people?

"A much harder stance should be taken by the ministry against them, to set a precedent against such behaviour in the future."
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Bro ahmad berkata...

manusia tak ada hati perut langsung

Jumaat, Jun 10, 2011
Tanpa Nama berkata...

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Isnin, Disember 05, 2011
Tanpa Nama berkata...

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Rabu, Disember 14, 2011
Yatie berkata...

jangan kerja kalau tak senang hati ngan kerja menjaga orang tua .. bodoh betul mcm mna perasaan kau lau mak kau kena buat macam 2??..kau sangup tengok kah bodoh .. aku paling benci pada mereka yg x sedar diri ni .. lupa asal usul dari mana ?? .. dasar orng bodoh .. !! sayang jadi orng.. !!

Rabu, April 04, 2012

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